Blue Lakes Country Club Policies



Blue Lakes Country Club Dress Code:

Dress code standards are in place to ensure a high level of enjoyment while visiting the club.  Standards have been established to compliment the overall member and guest club experience.  Club staff is here to answer questions about the dress code and have been directed to enforce the dress code.  Management, club professionals, his/her representative(s), and clubhouse staff reserve the right to define “appropriate” attire and advise members and guests accordingly.  Members of the club are responsible to inform their guests of the dress code.  We hope the following guidelines will assist you in making your time spent at the club as comfortable as possible.

     All members, family members, and guests, shall wear appropriate and clean attire at all times.

     Current PGA and LPGA styles are generally acceptable.

     Extremely casual clothing which may include, but not limited to, tee shirts, camouflage pants and cargo pants/shorts (overly casual with         an excessive number of pockets) should not be worn at the Club House, golf course, or practice facilities.

     Exercise clothing: running/athletic shorts, spandex, tank-tops, halter-tops, short shorts, and bathing suits shall not be worn on Club               grounds, unless visiting Bass Lake*.                                              * Bass Lake exceptions are noted below

     Tight or un-modest clothing should not be worn on Club grounds.

The Dress Code is applicable to children aged 12 and older.  However, parents are responsible for ensuring children under 12 are appropriately and neatly dressed.

Bass Lake

     Casual clothing to include swimsuits, athletic apparel, fishing gear, etc.., is acceptable at Bass Lake.

     Clothing must remain modest, clean, and in-line with Blue Lakes’ family focused standards.