Blue Lakes Country Club Policies



Blue Lakes Country Club Dress Code:


The dress code standards are in place to ensure the level of enjoyment you receive while visiting.  The code has been established to compliment the overall member and guest Club experience.  Club staff is here to answer any questions you have about the dress code and they have been directed to enforce the dress code.  Management, the Club Professional, his/her representative(s) and house staff reserves the right to define “appropriate” attire and advise members and guests accordingly.  We hope the following guidelines will assist you in making your time spent at the Club as comfortable and pleasurable as possible. Members of the Club are responsible to inform their guests of the dress code.

  • All members, family members, and guests shall be neat and wear appropriate attire at all times.  Clothing should be clean, with no holes and not frayed.

  • Current PGA and LPGA styles are generally acceptable.

  • Extremely casual clothing which may include, but is not limited to, camouflage pants and cargo pants (overly casual with an excessive amount of pockets) should not be worn at the Club House, golf course, or practice facility.

  • Exercise clothing; to include running shorts, yoga attire, spandex, tank-tops, halter-tops, short shorts and bathing suits shall not be worn on Club grounds, unless exclusively visiting Bass Lake*.

  • Tight or un-modest clothing should not be worn on Club grounds.

*Refer to Bass Lake section for exceptions.
The Dress Code is applicable to children age 12 and above; however, parents are responsible for ensuring children under 12 are appropriately and neatly dressed while on the premises. 
Club House, Golf Course, and Practice Facility

  • Only soft spike golf shoes, golf sandals, or tennis shoes may be worn on the course. 

  • Metal spikes are not permitted. Additionally, football spikes, baseball spikes, other turf shoes, cleated boots, or hiking shoes are not permitted.


  • Golf polo shirts with a collar and sleeves, mock turtle neck style golf shirts, turtle-neck golf shirts, turtle-neck shirts, vests, slacks, golf shorts up to four inches (4”) above the knee, and denim pants, all in good taste, are acceptable.

  • Tee-shirts and athletic style pants/shorts are not permitted.

  • Hats shall be worn in proper, bill-forward manner.


  • Dresses, skirts, slacks, skorts, golf shorts, denim pants/shorts, mock turtle-neck golf shirts, turtle-necks, and blouses are considered appropriate attire. 

  • Dresses, shorts and skirts shall be tasteful and at a length which would be considered in keeping with the Club and is modest in appearance. Generally, in-seams should be no less than 4”. 

  • Excessively short lengths are not acceptable which may require an inseam greater than 4” for some members and guests.

  • Collared golf shirts, including sleeveless, or t-shirts must all be in good taste. 

  • Tank-tops, halter-tops, short shorts, and all athletic wear; to include running shorts, yoga and spandex, is unacceptable.

Dining Areas:

  • Course wear, as defined above, is acceptable in the Canyon Grill and bar area.

  • Appropriate attire should be worn in the Alpheus Room. 

  • Men’s hats should be removed.

Bass Lake:

  • Casual clothing to include swim suits, athletic apparel, fishing gear, and etcetera is acceptable at Bass Lake.

  • While casual clothing is acceptable, it should be modest, clean, and in step with the Country Club environment.